15 Times Batman Was 100% Done With The Justice League

Superheroes are assholes.

1. That time everyone flew off without him.

ID: 1822873

2. That time Green Lantern lived because public team killing is bad press.

ID: 1933781

3. That time Superman’s stupidity was physically painful.

ID: 1931746

4. That time when The Flash nearly incinerated Alfred with incompetence.

ID: 1932370

5. That time Superman took Batman’s billionaire status for granted.

ID: 1932251

6. That time Hawkgirl shouldn’t have asked questions she didn’t want answers to.

ID: 1933516

7. That time Guy Gardner flirted with death by Batman.

ID: 1932295

8. That time Batman was forced to into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

ID: 1933502

9. That time Green Lantern should’ve kept his damn mouth shut.

ID: 1932127

10. That time Hawkgirl was an insensitive bitch.

ID: 1933796

11. That time Superman breached the “No Hugging” rule.

ID: 1932381

12. That time The Flash saw his life flash before his eyes.

ID: 1933520

13. That time Batman was 1000% done with Superman’s shit.

ID: 1933559

14. That time no one took the quest for justice as seriously as Batman.

ID: 1934209

15. And of course, all the times they kept forgetting Bruce is an introvert.

ID: 1932311

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