This Majestic Mountain Trail Is Trying To Kill You

More like a majestic mountain of “NOPE.”

1. Picturesque Mount Hua is located in the Shaanxi province of China.

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2. Considered one of China’s Five Great Mountains, it holds centuries of religious significance.

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3. Every year, hundreds of newlyweds flock to the destination.

Together they ascend the mountain to hang a lock from a red strip of cloth in a symbolic gesture of dedication to the marriage.

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4. With paths like the “Stairway To The Clouds,” the spot is also popular among hikers and tourists.

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5. Including the hyperbolically named “Insane Plank Walk”.

ID: 1433702

6. Wait…what?!

ID: 1433785

7. Okay maybe it’s not hyperbole.

ID: 1433841

8. Oh my God, no.

ID: 1433822

9. Nothing here is a good idea.

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10. Can you not?

ID: 1433837

11. I believe I speak for us all when I say…

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