18 Things We Learned From New York Comic-Con

It was definitely a learning experience. Word to the wise, bring hand sanitizer and Vitamin C to stave off #nerdflu next year.


If Doctor Doom has to get in line an hour early for a panel, mere mortals do too.


You aren’t allowed to imbibe alcohol on the show floor…unless you pretend it’s iced tea.


Chinese food at the Javits Center is surprisingly edible


By day two you’ll occasionally get hit in the face with flecks of water sweat.


Just because a girl is dressed like Codex does not mean she is Felicia Day, Gavon.


The line for Starbucks and the ATM were longer than the lines for some panels.


Peter Mayhew is the saddest man in the world. (But super sweet!)


People still love finding Waldo.


Even if your character calls for it, do not cosplay in heels. Boots or ballet flats, ladies.


Fandom cross-pollination is extremely high.


You are not allowed to bring whips or chemical weapons to NYCC. :(


If you wear a skirt and are a man, people will comment on the size of your balls. A lot.

Bonus Fact: Traveling with Man Leia means never going more than ten feet without having to stop to get his photo taken.


Hot dogs inside the building were $4. Hot dogs immediately OUTSIDE the building were $2.


You can set up your giant Ford display, but unless you throw in a Batmobile, no one at NYCC will care.


The press lounge was not as glamourous as one might think.


Deadpool and Lady Deadpool were inexplicably the most populous costumes.


The Holy Grail is easier to find than cell phone signal during the con.


Despite long lines for literally everything, convention go-ers are polite. Not a single fight broke out all weekend.

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