The Top 10 Most Pirated TV Shows In 2012

And the winner(?) is… Did your favorite show rank high enough to end up on the list?

10. “Revolution” - 2,130,000 Downloads

9. “Fringe” - 2,280,000 Downloads

8. “House M.D.” - 2,340,000 Downloads

7. “Homeland” - 2,400,000 Downloads

6. “The Walking Dead” - 2,550,000 Downloads

5. “Breaking Bad” - 2,580,000 Downloads

Doug Hyun, AMC, FILE / AP

4. “How I Met Your Mother” - 2,960,000 Downloads

3. “The Big Bang Theory” - 3,200,000 Downloads

CBS, Sonja Flemming / AP

2. “Dexter” - 3,850,000 Downloads

Showtime, Randy Tepper, File / AP

1. “Game Of Thrones” - 4,280,000 Downloads

HBO, Paul Schiraldi / AP

All numbers courtesy of Torrent Freak.

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