“The Avengers” Coloring Book Terrifying Villain

The 80s were a strange decade. Nothing will ever be scarier than these helpful magic pencils.

1. Well This Should Be A Fun Romp Through Childhood Yesteryear! Let’s Go!

ID: 267666

2. So We Have To Save Blue Star With “Magic” Pencils? Dammit, Someone Take The Gin Away From Him!

ID: 267667

3. That Pencil Just Erased Steel…That’s…A Lot Of Power

ID: 267668

4. So It Can Erase Anything? Does No One See How This Is A Bad Thing?

ID: 267670


ID: 267671

6. Even The “Magic” Pencil Did Not Approve So It Erased His Smile. Wait. It ERASED His Face?

ID: 267672

7. OH GOD THE HORROR! Look Away, Children!

ID: 267673

8. Dammit Loki, Put That Down! You Know Not What Eldritch Terror You’ll Release.

ID: 267674

9. Damn, This Is Passive Agressive Yenta Evil Villainy Right Here

ID: 267675

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