Exclusive Look: The Art Of Valve

What do Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2 and Portal all have in common? Other than being wicked awesome games? Each one is getting a glimpse of their character origins in Valve Presents.

Louis of Left 4 Dead encounters a zombie.

ID: 23658

The Left 4 Dead Witch revealed in all her glory.

ID: 23549

The Left 4 Dead gang escapes by train while [Left to Right] a Smoker, a Tank and a Witch look on.

ID: 23554

Hot zombies. Well, bikini clad zombies.

ID: 23555

A childhood photo of Team Fortress 2’s Demoman sheds light on the danger of the family profession.

ID: 23557

Saxton Hale, the man behind the weapons of Mann Company on Team Fortress 2.

ID: 23710

Looks like the Team Fortress 2 Blue Engineer has found some interesting plans.

ID: 23559

An assortment of treacherous Spy gear available in Team Fortress 2.

ID: 23561

Sniper no sniping. Things are heating up for Red vs. Blue in TF2.

ID: 23562

The face behind the ominous voice over in TF2 is revealed…sort of.

ID: 23564

The Ratman tries to rescue Chell prior to Portal 2.

ID: 23574

Cover art from the Portal 2 prequel comic.

ID: 23709 / Via

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