“Thanks, Textbooks!” Tumblr Pokes Fun At Academic Writing

Did you know fire is the second safest form of travel? Thanks, textbook! posted on


“I use this chart daily. I can never remember if an indeterminate yo-yo is equal to salad dressing or a bagel. Thanks textbooks.”


“This… is a terrible, terrible idea.”


“Actually figure 4-9 presents a blank graph. The labels on the y-axis are helpful though. Notice as time increases… the graph is still blank.”


“I’m just going to draw a line on this graph where the accurate data would go… if I had any.”


“When am I ever going to use this!? How about later in your career when you need to find out how fast a particular animal travels… and the server at Google and Bing and every other search engine has crashed… and the only way you can find it is by comparing it to a completely random animal that lives on the other side of the world… and you just happen to know the ratio of their two speeds?
What will you do then!? You’re going to be so glad you learned this…”




“Fire, the second safest way to travel!”

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