Taylor Swift’s Twitter Is Kind Of Adorable

Who knew? Between obligatory plugs of her own brand, Swift has managed to find a wry, self-deprecating humor. posted on

1. Swift Recently Tweeted About Her Super Glamourous Life:

Just tried reading a hotel shampoo bottle an arms length away from my face to check if I still need contacts-Turns out I do. Eventful night.

2. A Quick Search Revealed A Lot More Juicy Details Other Celebrities Leave Out. Like:

Just clipped my cat's claws all by myself. Didn't get mauled. Celebrate life's little victories.

3. Or Craving Donuts (Spoiler: Not A Phase):

This thing where I go and get donuts every night at midnight is just a phase right? PS, I'm FINE.

4. Carrying Around A Purse Full Of Beach Swag:

Went to get coffee today-opened my change purse. Sea shells fell out. Barista goes "Sorry, we only take cash or credit." So there's that.

5. Or Trying Out A New Chocolate Facial:

How come no one told me that for 4 hours there was chocolate cake ALL over my face?!? Because you ate it alone, Taylor. You ate it alone.

6. Hanging Out With The Coolest People:

My dad's all "Can you try using these new guitar picks?" And I'm all "sure, I'm not picky." Then I'm all "Get it??? HAHAHAHAHA"

7. And Just Enjoying The Little Things…A Lot:

Walked into my AMA dressing room and there was this little bowl of candy in there. Literally shrieked with excitement. Need to tone it down.

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