13 Simple Projects To Show Off Your Comic Book Pride

Ladies (and gentlemen) don’t let your comics collect dust in your closet. Upcycle them into awesomeness.

1. Start With A Pair Of Dead Sexy Heels

Anyone can make their own custom heels with this guide.

ID: 624596

2. Or Flats If You’re Balance Impaired (Or Respect Your Arches)

Even easier to make since you don’t have to wrap them around the stiletto! Instructions over yonder.

ID: 624595

3. Accessorize With A Sparkly Cuff

Super simple walkthrough here.

ID: 624593

4. Or Get Really Fancy With A Wrapped Cuff

Get them here.

ID: 624590

5. Put A Flower In Your Hair

All you need are comics and bobby pins. Full guide here.

ID: 624589

6. Make A Wallet To Keep All Your Comic Book Buying Money In

It’s basically origami. Instructions HERE.

ID: 624588

7. Then Put That Wallet In Your Snazzy Clutch

Get the full tutorial here.

ID: 624600

8. Turn On The Lights

Instructions are really simple. Feel free to strategically place the hole for maximum innuendo.

ID: 624584

9. Make Sure Your Name Is On The Wall To Claim Your Geek Home

Wooden comic book letters are incredibly fast and easy to make.

ID: 624594

10. Set Up A Nice Tea On Your Super Table

Full walkthrough guides you step-by-step.

ID: 624585

11. Don’t Forget To Center The Bouquet!

Find out how to make your own everlasting flowers with this tutorial.

ID: 624656

12. Put Those Tea Cups On Coasters! Were You Raised In A Barn?

Easy peasy instructions can be found here.

ID: 624587

13. Now You’re Ready For The Full Reveal!

Artist BellsTheByrdie did a fabulous job.

ID: 624592

Bonus! Geek DIY Queens Bonnie Burton & Stephanie Thorpe

If you’re worried about defacing your favorite comics to make any of these pieces, these ladies are here with advice on photocopies.

ID: 625651

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