20 Signs You Grew Up In A Geek Household

This generation has been assimilated. Wait, so this wasn’t normal in most homes?

1. Everyone wanted to play at your house because you had the latest toys.

ID: 941382

2. Team killing was a groundable offense.

ID: 940022

3. Your parents were wise to this trick.

ID: 940045

4. You correctly used fictional slang.

ID: 940685

5. And got in trouble for using fictional swear words.

ID: 940454

6. The dining room table was not used for eating.

ID: 941269

7. And the living room looked like this.

ID: 941276

8. Halloween was a sacred holiday.

ID: 940259

9. And a perfect trial run for Comic-Con season.

ID: 940182

10. You got to stay up past midnight not only on New Year’s but for midnight movie re-releases!

ID: 941298

11. Family game night looked like this.

ID: 940278

12. Or this.

ID: 940314

13. The attic was a treasure trove of vintage toys and goodies.

ID: 941367

14. Your parents were totally hypocrites.

ID: 940324

15. Everyone gathered on the couch to watch this.

ID: 941324

16. Or this.

ID: 941342

17. You were given conflicting information about the morality of cheating.

ID: 940332

18. You were born a Trekkie or a Star Wars diehard. Never both.

ID: 941460

19. Your parents couldn’t help with algebra homework, but could get you past the that hard boss fight.

ID: 940600

20. You reached a point where the student surpassed the master, and you now possessed more pop culture knowledge than your parents.

ID: 940544

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