Reddit Launches Original Web Series "Explain Like I’m Five"

Because sometimes a complicated concept needs a simple explanation. If you’ve ever been afraid to ask a question for fear of being judge, this is for you.

Reddit’s general manager Erik Martin, under the guise of his Hueypriest handle, had this to say on the thread for the official launch:

A bit about the inspiration of this project…We at reddit HQ are big fans of /r/explainlikeimfive and although we know that this sub is for “simple, layman-friendly answers, without fear of judgement”, we always wondered what would happen if you actually tried to break down one of these complicated subjects and explain it to literal five-year-old. We used some of the top comments and metaphors in various ELIF threads on the different subjects as inspiration when writing the scripts.

Hope you enjoy this little experiment, and keep up the great work in this community.

You can see all three videos on Reddit’s YouTube channel, or go ask for you own explanations to complex world issues and existential questions on the Explain Like I’m Five subreddit.

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