9 Predictions For The 12th Doctor’s Pilot Episode As Told By Peter Capaldi GIFs

You’re welcome, BBC.

1. The 12th Doctor meets Clara.

ID: 1473213

The 12th Doctor decides he’s stuck with her.

ID: 1474489

2. The 12th Doctor meets the TARDIS.

ID: 1473210

3. The 12th Doctor fights Daleks.

ID: 1473214

4. The 12th Doctor finds a catchphrase.

ID: 1473207

5. The 12th Doctor hates obvious questions.

ID: 1473215

6. The 12th Doctor doesn’t sugar coat things.

ID: 1473212

7. But then, the 12th Doctor remembers River Song.

ID: 1474771

8. The 12th Doctor sets off to find her.

ID: 1474769

9. Of course — in the end — she finds him.

ID: 1474770

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