18 People Having The Best Summer Ever

Carpe diem. Because summer is only once a year.

1. This mad genius.

ID: 1248863

2. This daredevil.

ID: 1249177

3. This kid.

ID: 1249096

4. This girl who knows how to accessorize her sunburn.

ID: 1248817

5. This epic Viking riding into battle on a noodle horse.

ID: 1248879

6. This guy who brought the pool to him.

ID: 1248822

7. This guy photobombing family memories.

ID: 1248823

8. These dudes passing the time while fishing.

ID: 1248838

9. This person who turned no-glasses-lemons into ice-glass-lemonade.

ID: 1248826

10. These people making a human tower of Pisa.

ID: 1248825

11. This chick sunbathing from the comfort of central air.

ID: 1248876

12. These lifehack wizards.

ID: 1249191

13. And their lake cousins.

ID: 1249208

14. The park rangers who run this nature trail.

ID: 1248905

15. This home owner and his summer movie setup.

ID: 1249097

16. These parents who know what’s up.

ID: 1248885

17. This dolphin wrangler.

ID: 1248927

18. And of course, your Gram-Gram and her BFF.

ID: 1248952

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