Everyday Objects Conspiring To Ditch Work With You

The daily grind has got to go. Spring is no time to be in a cubicle!

1. Why are you going to work when it’s so nice outside?

ID: 1079465

2. Uggggh today feels like senioritis, only for adults.

ID: 1079469

3. Let’s get the hell out of here.

ID: 1079528

4. Yes. Let’s.

ID: 1079956

5. Did someone say we’re ditching? I’m in!

ID: 1079481

6. The boss just “went home sick” so the coast is clear.

Go go go gogogogogo!

ID: 1079921

7. Let’s hit the open road!

ID: 1079985

8. And take a jet plane to anywhere but here.

ID: 1079452

9. Or just sail away…

ID: 1079437

10. …into a perfect sunset.

ID: 1079421

11. Taste that sweet, sweet air of mid-week freedom.

ID: 1079476

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