Meet Dug, The Lawn Dinosaur

A Tyrannosaurus rex is a versatile addition to any yard! Dug the Dinosaur livens up his owner’s front lawn year-round.

1. This is Dug.

Dug lives in Redwood City, California and loves to dress up!

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2. Dug is a dinosaur who also makes a super cute Cupid, because he’s not afraid of commitment.

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3. Dug has a very complex relationship with Easter.

ID: 903154

4. Dug supports the troops.

ID: 903157

5. And Dug is a HUGE fan of “Dad Sweaters,” especially on — but by no means limited to! — Father’s Day.

ID: 903189

6. Can you guess who Dug is dressed as?

ID: 903176

7. He’s Rosie the Riveter!

ID: 903336

8. On Halloween, Dug has a sense of humor about his species. Dinosaur jokes!

ID: 903144

9. He’s also nationally recognized for his spot-on Elvis impersonation.

ID: 903181

10. Dug is admittedly not the biggest fan of Christmas.

The picture fails to capture that Rudolph is animatronic, giving the impression of a struggle.

ID: 903146

11. Dug was naturally rooted for the 49ers in this year’s Super Bowl.

ID: 903184

12. But was sadly forced to wear this cone of shame when the Ravens won. Damn Ravens! Don’t worry, Dug will get his revenge.

ID: 903187

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