22 Majestic Old Buildings Completely Dominating Modern Skylines

Work it, architecture. Those fancy glass skyscrapers wish they had half your class.

1. Tourbillon Castle - Sion, Switzerland

National Geographic/__username__

2. Castle Of St. Peter - Bodrum, Turkey

James L. Stanfield / Getty Images/__username__

3. Oceanographic Museum - Monaco-Ville, Monaco

David Evans / Getty Images/National Geographic Creative

4. Skyline - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alison Wright / Getty Images/__username__

5. Brownstones - Chicago, Illinois

Paul Damien / Getty Images/__username__

6. Unnamed Medieval Castle - Hunedoara, Romania

DICK DURRANCE II/__username__

7. Chateau Frontenac Hotel - Quebec, Canada

Hannele Lahti / Getty Images/__username__

8. Tower Bridge - London, England

RICHARD T. NOWITZ/__username__

9. Potala Palace - Lhasa, Tibet

PETE RYAN/__username__

10. St. Patrick’s Cathedral - New York, New York

DEAN CONGER/__username__

11. Blue Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey

Dave Yoder/__username__

12. Saint Andrews Church - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

RICHARD T. NOWITZ/__username__

13. Aztec Temple - Mexico City, Mexico


14. Dolmabahce Palace - Istanbul, Turkey

SCOTT S. WARREN/__username__

15. The Louvre - Paris, France

DESIGN PICS INC/__username__

16. Shinto Shrine - Honolulu, Hawaii

DESIGN PICS INC/__username__

17. Row Housing - Chinatown, Singapore

DESIGN PICS INC/__username__

18. The Great Pyramids - Cairo, Egypt

ALEX SABERI/__username__

19. Tower of London - London, England

DESIGN PICS INC/__username__

20. The Acropolis - Athens, Greece

James L. Stanfield / Getty Images/__username__

21. Coliseum - Rome, Italy

Winfield I. Parks Jr. / Getty Images/__username__

22. Forbidden City - Beijing, China

Ira Block / Getty Images/__username__

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