Lil Bub Is A Totally Comic Book Nerd

Excelsior! Look at her, lounging on a pile of comics, not a care in the world.

1. Lil Bub totally hangs out with Wolverine.

ID: 1008316

2. Because Wolverine loves Lil Bub!

ID: 1008319

3. They get together for comic book parties.

ID: 1008325

4. Wolverine thinks Lil Bub is hogging all the good issues.

ID: 1008321

5. “Hey Bub, move over!”

ID: 1008324

6. Whoops! Lil Bub has been called away from her fun day…

ID: 1008322

7. She’s subbing for Thor and Midgard needs her!

ID: 1008327

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