Jem’s Holograms Finally Get Their Own Dolls

Why Jem’s boyfriend Rio got a reissued doll before these ladies is a mystery. Now the powers that be just need to release their songs on iTunes.

1. Kimber on keytar.

ID: 864951

2. Werk the camera, girl.

ID: 864956

3. Aja on lead guitar.

ID: 864957

4. That diva pose belongs on “The Most Popular Girls In School.”

If you don’t know who The Most Popular Girls In School are, do yourself a favor and watch the series. Warning: NSFW language!

ID: 864958

5. Shana on bass guitar and synth drums (sadly not pictured).

ID: 864959

6. Rock that curly, color coordinated hair!

If you didn’t want this fierce mane growing up, you’re just lying to yourself.

ID: 864960

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