How To Live The Steampunk Riverboat Life Of Your Dreams

Wanderlust in style. The photos of Tod Seelie are enough to make anyone sell their things and hit the open water.

1. Every now and then a group of artists band to together to weld eclectic rafts in a project known as the Swimming Cities of Serenissima.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407191

2. With a post-apocalyptic steampunk feel, the adventurers live and work their way down the river.

Tod Seelie
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3. Some expeditions even aimed to teach locals skills like silk-screening or costume creation.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407207

4. The floating community has traveled down the mighty Mississippi.

Tod Seelie
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5. Where they slept under the stars by night.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407210

6. And relaxed in the sway of the current by day.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407218

7. Once they went out into the open sea for a pirate adventure.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407213

8. Hoist the main sail!

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407204

9. The seas aren’t going to swim themselves.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407224

10. The troupe has even made it to Venice.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407237

11. Where they performed musical composition for the locals.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407241

12. And enjoyed the breath-taking scenery.

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407246

13. Each cross-country trek is a unique life-changing experience!

Tod Seelie
ID: 1407198

14. Another expedition is planned to begin in Portland, Oregon in mid-August.

Information will be available on Tod Seelie’s blog for interested intrepid explorers.

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