8 Household Items Begging You To Turn Them Into Aquariums

Why buy a fish tank when you can make one? Whether you’re a craft beginner or a seasoned expert, create a unique home for your fishy friends.

1. Empty Bottle Micro Tank

Super easy and easy to follow instructions at College Life DIY.

ID: 974498

2. Converted Xbox 360

Detailed instructions, and a video, are available at Blue World Aquariums.

ID: 974170

3. Gumball Micro Aquarium

Learn how to make this mid-skill level tank at Instructables.

ID: 973819

4. Non-Functioning Blender Betta Fish Tank

Read all about how to convert the kitchen appliance at Instructables.

ID: 974435

5. Heated LED Coffee Hot Tropical Fish Tank

Step-by-step instructions at Robots and Computers.

ID: 973984

6. Upcycled Retro Television Aquarium

Apartment Therapy has detailed instructions on how to create this vintage fish home.

ID: 974102

7. Working Piano Aquarium

Extremely detailed instructions at Errthum.

ID: 974473

8. Recycled Old CRT Monitor Fish Tank

Instructables explains each step, including how to safely remove the PC guts.

ID: 974582

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