20 Foolproof Ways To Win At Graduating

Nailed it. Follow these easy tips to steal the show at any commencement ceremony.

1. Dress to impress.

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2. Don’t let anything crimp your style.

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3. Be a superhero.

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4. No. Seriously.

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5. Perfect how to humble brag.

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6. And don’t be afraid to shine.

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7. But have a sense of humor about your prospects.

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8. Have some flair.

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9. Definitely understand graduating is a sacred tradition.

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10. That should be given your utmost attention.

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11. Totally sacred.

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12. Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm.

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13. Or lack thereof.

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14. Take the honor of giving speeches very seriously.

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15. And bring the most interesting +1.

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16. Remember, your parents are super excited and supportive about this achievement!

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17. And will throw you the most righteous after-party.

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18. Know the family wants a serious photo to use to brag about you.

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19. But don’t care.

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20. Because you’re an adult now. You do what you want.

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