14 Cartoon Characters Siding With The 1%

Occupy Everywhere. Even fictional worlds are not exempt from the greed of wealth.

14. Richie Rich - “Richie Rich”

13. The Dark Princess - “Rainbow Brite”

12. Cruella Deville - “101 Dalmatians”

11. Fat Cat - “Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers”

10. Mr. Spacely - “The Jetsons”

9. Mr. Magoo - “The Mr. Magoo Show”

8. Roger Klotz - “Doug” (Disney Version)

7. Carter Pewterschmidt - “Family Guy”

6. Montana Max - “Tiny Tune Adventures”

5. Mr. Krabs - “Spongebob Squarepants”

4. Dr. Claw - “Inspector Gadget”

3. Mom - “Futurama”

2. Scrooge McDuck - “Duck Tales”

1. Mr. Burns - “The Simpsons”

Bonus! Not all wealthy cartoons are greedy bastards. Some side with the 99%.

Charles Xavier - “X-Men: The Animated Series”

Bruce Wayne - “Batman: The Animated Series”

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