Brazen Art Thieves Top The Morning Links

Who says all criminals are dumb? Plus, the biggest cheeseburger you won’t eat and the league of extraordinary Internet trolls. posted on

Edvard Munch’s classic painting has been an object of desire for both collectors and thieves for many years. There are not one, but three versions, with one recently selling for $120 million dollars at auction. The other two had a more storied history. In 1994, a couple of thieves using a ladder and a hammer nabbed a version hanging from the National Museum in Oslo, leaving behind a friendly note which read, “Thanks for the poor security.” It was recovered three months later and two people were arrested. In 2004, another Scream was snatched, this time from the Munch Museum (also in Oslo) by robbers in your typical ski-mask-and-gun-yelling-in-Norwegian scenario. This Scream wasn’t found until 2006, and was damaged in the theft. - Read the rest at Oddee.

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