11 Animals That Are Secretly Jedi

The Force is strong with these creatures. But not all animals were created as powers for good.

1. This Monkey Using Force Lift

ID: 260351

2. This Mouse Improvising A Jedi Mind Trick

ID: 260936

3. These Squirrels Practicing Force Push

ID: 260352

4. This Dog Using Levitate

ID: 260356

5. This Crow Also Using Force Lift

ID: 260353

6. This Lemur Meditating (Or Failing To Force Push Some Nails)

ID: 260361

7. This Squirrel Meditating While Using Force Lift

ID: 260355

8. Force Lift Is Super Popular You Guys But I Don’t Think You’re Supposed To Use It For Xmas Decorating

ID: 260358

9. Or Playing Drunken Party Games

ID: 260360

10. This Cat Caught Between Bouts Of…Force Lightning. Dammit.

ID: 260948

11. This Cat Using…Force Choke On His Apprentice…Sigh

ID: 260913

Moral Of The Story: Cats Are Sith

ID: 260958

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