Alien And Predator Caught! The Scandalous Love Story

Irrefutable proof these star-crossed lovers are together. Their respective PR teams are going to have a fit!

1. The two age old enemies were spotted being suspiciously civil on the street.

ID: 787933

2. Once they spotted the photogs, they tried to play it off like they were still nemeses.

ID: 787940

3. But as soon as they though the paparazzi were gone…

ID: 787945

4. They were all over each other.

ID: 787939

5. Then they went on a date to the local arcade.

ID: 787935

6. Afterwards, Predator took Alien to the tattoo parlor.

ID: 787943

7. Where Alien held his hand while he got pierced.

ID: 787942

8. Awwwww, matching piercings. That’s true love right there.

ID: 787941

But seriously you two, get a room.

ID: 787931

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