A Basic Guide To Benedict Cumberbatch

According to someone who only knows him as “that guy Tumblr loves.” Happy birthday, whoever you are!

1. This is Benedict Cumberbatch.

ID: 1388792

2. Wait, seriously? That’s his name? His real, legal name bestowed on him by his parents?

ID: 1388800

3. OK sure, let’s roll with it.

ID: 1388975

4. His fans have a really cute/creepy collective name.

ID: 1388793

5. They’re… special.

ID: 1388755

6. Do not confuse him with the OTHER British actor with a weird last name.

ID: 1389045

7. Or the Cumberbitches and Hiddlestoners will find you.

ID: 1388749

8. Totally not the same person, as evidenced here.

ID: 1388777

9. He is best known for playing modern-day Sherlock on the BBC.

ID: 1388944

10. He’s also been this ’70s news anchor.

ID: 1388875

11. A vaguely threatening in how average he appears gym teacher.

ID: 1388831

12. An anachronistic cowboy.

ID: 1388872

13. And white Khan.

ID: 1389113

14. He really likes scarves.

ID: 1388770

16. Tumblr thinks Cumberbatch is super hot…

ID: 1389149

17. But I’m just not seeing it… oh.

ID: 1388853

19. Never mind.

ID: 1388901

20. Anyway! This is his boyfriend. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

ID: 1388997

21. They really really love each other.

ID: 1388863

22. Maybe they’ll get married now that it’s legal in the U.K.!

ID: 1388744

23. So while he seems really socially awkward.

ID: 1388927

24. And cries easily.

ID: 1388933

25. Seriously, like at the drop of a hat.

ID: 1388937

26. Benedict Cumberbatch seems like a nice guy.

ID: 1388921

27. Who would be really fun at parties!

ID: 1389034

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