23 Refreshing Childhood Drinks

So. Thirsty. My kids will never know what a Hi-C Ecto Cooler tastes like. Now I’m sad…

1. Squeez-Its

(Not pictured: MONDO)

ID: 478

2. Hi-c Ecto Coolers

ID: 454

3. Sunny Delight

ID: 473

4. Crystal Pepsi

ID: 464

7. Jones Soda

ID: 469

11. Clearly Canadian

ID: 462

12. Kool-Aid Bursts

ID: 477

17. Pepsi Blue

ID: 471

18. Snapple Elements

ID: 472

21. Super Mario Soda

ID: 474

23. Strawberry Quik

(Not pictured: Nesquik)

ID: 479

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