20 Scents That Secretly Defined Your Childhood

Olfactory memories are extremely intense. You might not remember these smells…but your brain does.

2. Hot Asphalt

ID: 1982

3. New Textbooks

ID: 2004

4. Fresh Band-Aid

ID: 1986

5. Nintendo Cartridges Warm From The Machine

ID: 1977

8. Tire Swing

ID: 1980

9. Inside The Freezers At The Grocery Store

ID: 1978

10. Rubber Cement

ID: 1987

11. My Little Pony

ID: 2010

13. Mothball

ID: 2001

14. Sharpies/Permanent Markers

ID: 2002

16. Dryer Sheets

ID: 2006

18. Fresh Cut Grass

ID: 2008

19. Brand New Shoes

ID: 2009

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