11 Scenarios When Parents Freak Out Internally

Where’s the adult who’ll handle all this? Oh right, it’s YOU.

1. When you have to kill the spider.

ID: 944309

2. When you have to fish a floater out of the tub.

ID: 944435

3. When you realize you have to clean up the vomit all over the bathroom.

ID: 944251

4. When you have to pull out a splinter.

ID: 944349

5. When the tub isn’t draining so you finally break down and do this.

ID: 944264

6. When you have to cut a cranky baby’s fingernails.

ID: 944275

7. When you have to brace yourself to check for broken bones.

ID: 944302

8. When you realize you were just peed on.

ID: 944463

9. When you have to fish something out of the toilet.

ID: 944397

10. When you become a human snot rag.

ID: 944516

11. When you have to staunch blood and pretend you’re totally calm about it.

ID: 944310

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