11 Examples Of Super-Heroine Eye Art

Inspiring comic book eye art you can actually recreate at home. Because the office frowns on full body cosplay.

1. Ms. Marvel

ID: 506491

Dawnielle, or Siryn as she goes by on her website, is a consummate geek. She loves anime, video games, comic books, and steampunk. And make-up. With hard work and some creativity she’s been able to combine these loves into a successful blog and burgeoning career.

As a costume designer, you can see her work in Castle or the movie Paul or at the amazing yearly Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball. (Seriously, click that link if you were a child of the ’80s).

The best part about Siryn is she actually tells you how to recreate any of her designs. Like a particular superheroine? Click the link to find out exactly what products to get, or give you a jumping off point to make it your own.

Not a fan of comic books? No problem. Do you like Sailor Moon? Nintendo? Dragons? Monster High? She’s got you covered.

ID: 506528

3. Delirium

ID: 506462

5. Spider-Woman

ID: 506466

6. Psylocke

ID: 506492

7. She-Hulk

ID: 506494

9. Wonder Woman

ID: 506497

10. Phoenix

ID: 506493

11. Dark Phoenix

ID: 506464

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