21 Reasons Twenty One Pilots Are My New Favourite Band (And Should Be Yours)

Obviously it’s all about the music, but that’s not as fun to express in GIFs.

1. They have skeleton hoodies…

ID: 1606105

2. …and balaclavas.

ID: 1606125

3. They tour with all the cool bands.

Here they are supporting Fall Out Boy. They’ve toured with Walk The Moon, and they’re touring with Paramore in January.

ID: 1606528

4. They love their mums.

ID: 1606221

5. There’s this moment in Car Radio where it all kicks off… It’s pretty special.

ID: 1606133

6. They put their grandpas on their CD cover. Aww.

ID: 1606330

7. They keep their bus fridge stocked with all the right stuff.

ID: 1606087

8. They’re totally ace at moody, introspective lyrics that are easy to ‘get’.

“Sometimes quiet is violent.”

ID: 1606495

9. Sometimes they wrap duct tape around their heads.

And even then, Josh doesn’t drop a beat. What. A. Dude.

ID: 1606121

10. This song. It’s so lovely.

ID: 1606441

11. They can high-five without even looking.

OK, maybe they can’t.

ID: 1606098

12. Sometimes Tyler mistakes an electric razor for a microphone…

ID: 1606048

13. …but they’re actually pretty smart at stuff like science.

ID: 1606335

14. Their Elvis cover is sooooo cute.

ID: 1606448

15. Their fans seem cool.

I’m sure the guy in the hat is enjoying himself on the inside.

ID: 1606112

16. They totally support each other, too.

ID: 1606115

17. This is awesome.

The song, the video, the meaning behind the song, all of it. Awesome.

ID: 1606457

18. They’re, like, totally gangsta…

ID: 1606225

19. …but they never forget who’s boss.

ID: 1606349

20. Oh, and they’re total hotties.

ID: 1606436

21. And finally, THIS.

ID: 1606069

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