This Is What Happens When Adults Revisit The Movies That Terrified Them As Kids

“This kid’s not a good actor. I can now see that.”

1. We asked people what scenes from movies or TV shows scared the living hell out of them when they were kids, then made them face their fears by watching them as adults. What did they think?

2. Well, some of the things that used to terrify them looked a little bit silly in retrospect, like the talking toilet from Look Who’s Talking Too

3. Or Large Marge’s freaky monster face in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

4. And the illusion of reality in Are You Afraid Of The Dark? just wasn’t what it used to be.

5. Of course, some moments still struck a nerve, like the flying skeleton in Clifford.

6. But seriously, though, the talking toilet will never be OK. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND APPROVED THIS.

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