27 Totally Baffling Russian Signs

Do not, under any circumstances, toboggan on the toilet.

1. Beware of angry goats on skateboards.

2. And ninja stripper enthusiasts.

Direct Translation: “Attention! Look after your valuables!”

3. And humans.

Direct translation, “Attention! The dog is mean, and the owner is even worse.”

5. Be mindful of wandering hedgehogs.

7. Be conscious of men bearing martini glasses.

Direct translation: “Drunk pedestrians.”

8. When digging, please assist anyone accidentally buried alive.

9. If your child is misbehaving, feed her to alligators.

10. Dominatrixes should not merge legs.

11. Do not drop anchor here.

13. Do not ride headless horse.


15. Smoking rabbits WILL be subject to bear BDSM.

Direct Translation: “Be careful with fire in the forest.”

16. Don’t disturb the neighborhood tigers.

Direct Translation: “Careful, there are tigers nearby!”

17. Or the sassy cheetahs.

Direct translation: “Careful, cats!”

18. Beware of spirits suffering from electric shock.

19. And also tanks.

20. Do not rollerblade topless while wearing sunglasses and eating ice-cream.

Clearly, this combination happens a lot.

21. Warning: cowboy police ahead.

22. Be mindful of littering.

Direct Translation: “Throw garbage here - Die by Shovel.”

23. Really mindful.

Direct Translation: “Throw garbage here - Get hit in the face with a boot.”

24. Turn left for purple elephants, go straight for pink giraffes.

27. And always keep in mind this great motivational sign.

Direct translation, “Anyone who drowns will no longer get to swim in the ocean. “

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