Jon Stewart Is The Superhero America Needs Right Now

The Daily Show host and The Best F#@king News Team Ever are calling out government and the media on their bull$#*t all day, everyday. We should all be listening, because Jon Stewart is a BAMF. And frankly, he’s got it all figured out.

1. Let us begin with Jon’s most inspiring interview ever.

“You must fight others through peace, dialogue, and education.” If you somehow haven’t seen the Malala interview, you need to take 15 mins to do that. Now.

2. Government Shenanigans and Media Audacity fill Jon with a burning rage that can only be staved by his sardonic wit.

3. There’s no joke Jon won’t commit to fully in the name of spreading common sense!

4. The Man on the Street interviews are always surprising and revealing.

Sometimes our stereotypes of Southerners stereotyping gay people just don’t hold up, and that’s a beautiful thing.

5. The Best F#@king News Team Ever are never afraid to share even their most controversial opinions.

Sometimes JStew challenges his news team to hard hitting games like “Racist or Not Racist?” Hilarity ensues.

6. Speaking of racism…

North Carolina Republican Executive Committee Member Don Yelton, ladies and gentlemen!

7. Daily Show: 1 / Racist GOP Leaders: 0

A week after Aasif Mandvi’s interview w/ Yelton aired, the GOP Exec’s comments forced him to resign!

8. He won the battle, but Jon knows the war is far from over, as he takes on media critics using him for their agenda.

So humble, Jon. C’mon, be honest, your jokes do do dick.

9. He just gets it.

We get worked up about these issues, we pick a side, we don’t waver. I get it. But it’s time to stop bickering and really fix this mess. Follow Jon’s lead.

10. In conclusion, Jonny Stew is the greatest. We all need to be fangirling him. Because, Americuh.

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” airs on Comedy Central, Monday-Thursday 11PM/10c. You can also catch clips and full episodes on and Hulu.

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