Photos From Istanbul’s Uprising (And Also Twitter’s Trending Topic #direngeziparkı)

For the last few days, thousands of Turkish citizens have been protesting against the demolition of Gezi Parki, one of Istanbul’s few remaining green areas (And the construction of a shopping mall on the area after the demolition). The protests were of a nonviolent nature, however the police did not hesitate to use excess violence. Protests still continue with more and more people attending. posted on

1. The protesters were reading books to the police as a part of their peaceful protest when…

3. …The police decided to use pepper spray right onto people’s faces.

The photo of “The girl in red dress” has been used as the symbol of the uprising.

4. Since then, pepper spray’s in the air of Istanbul.

Meaning “Chemical Tayyip” (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of Turkey)

10. Journalist Ahmet Şık was one of the many injured that have been receiving treatment for head trauma.

17. Look at them making this moment a memory?!?!

18. But still, some protesters had the heart to share their food with the police.

The video is from the police’s unexpected pepper spray raid at 5 AM.

20. Hold on Istanbul


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