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    • Delphine08

      I was 12 and washing my parents van. I was washing the roof and being rather short I thought I’d get the tops of the windows while I was up there. I got around and was washing the last window when I slipped off. I flipped in the air and landed on the ground on my back with my left arm behind me. I started screaming. My mom made me lay on the couch for an hour because I was too hysterical for get to understand me. Finally a neighbor that was a paramedic came over to check me out and told her to get me to the ER immediately. I had cracked the binge in my arm just below the shoulder. I had to wear a soft cast immobilizing it for weeks. Weirdest part was my brother had broken the same bone several weeks before. We had been waiting in line for an amusement park ride and were sitting in the fence. (which it clearly says not to do) it was obviously hot out and he kept leaning on me. I shrugged my shoulder to get him off of me and he fell backward of the fence and landed on some rocks shattering his arm just advice the elbow. I sort of always felt my accident was Karma for breaking his however unintentional it was.