20 Reasons Yummy Breakfast Is The Cat Even Cat Haters Will Love

Universe, meet Yummy Breakfast — the world’s most adorable cat. This Scottish Fold enjoys dinner time, staring with giant eyes, and the general domination of your heart.

1. For starters, her name is Yummy Breakfast

ID: 1727791

2. She has insanely expressive eyes

“I said…hand over the ice cream…”

ID: 1727821

3. She understands the importance of a well-balanced diet

ID: 1727825

4. She knows good artichokes are hard to come by

ID: 1727833

5. She demands what is hers

ID: 1727875

6. And if you don’t get the hint, she’ll stick around until you do

“You said we were going halfsies.”

ID: 1727879

7. Yet she never forgets her table manners

“I’ll have the Chardonnay. Thanks.”

ID: 1727890

8. She’s not afraid to make the first move

“Oh…we were just…”

ID: 1727920

9. But she’s cool with just cuddling, too

ID: 1727924

10. She’s tech savvy

ID: 1727925

11. She’s concerned about your well-being

“Take one, please. We have plenty.”

ID: 1727930

12. Who doesn’t love unraveling the toilet paper roll every now and again?

ID: 1727937

13. She’s not afraid to be honest about your outfit

“No. Yellow is not your color.”

ID: 1727940

14. She can afford her own apartment in New York City, which is a pretty big deal

ID: 1727948

15. She knows how to kick it old school

“We were just about to phone home, mom. Chill.”

ID: 1727952

16. Even though she’s busy, she still makes time for napping, like other cats

ID: 1727956

17. Though she may take a moment for some reflective thought

ID: 1727960

18. She’s skilled in the art of camouflaging herself

ID: 1727965

19. She knows exactly how to scare the kids away at Halloween

ID: 1727968

20. But she mostly just knows how to be the cutest cat in the world

Look. At. That. Face.

ID: 1727992

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