17 Reasons It’s Better To Be Single This Valentine’s Day

Liam Hemsworth is also single and you could be his soulmate.

1. You could run into him on the street.

2. Or at a movie premiere.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

3. Or in District 12.

Lionsgate / Via

4. And you’ll be like, “Hey can I take a picture with you?”

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

5. And he’ll be like, “Sure, I love hanging out with my fans.”

Flickr: cityyear / Creative Commons

6. “I’ve been doing press all day.”

Flickr: gageskidmore / Creative Commons

7. “So now I’m thinking about hitting the beach.”

Touchstone Pictures / Via

8. “Or maybe just taking a quick dip in the pool.”

9. “So you wanna come with?”

Touchstone Pictures / Via

10. “Or we could do something fancier. I do own a suit.”

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

11. “Actually I’ve got a couple.”

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

12. “Is that too fancy? I can keep it casual.”

Alicia Funderbunk / Getty Images

13. “We could also just gaze at each other intensely.”

Lionsgate / Via

14. “I’m really good at that.”

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

15. And while you’re thinking it over, he’ll be like:

Touchstone Pictures / Via

16. But if you have a boyfriend, he’ll be like “See ya later!”

Kevin Mazur/Fox / WireImage

17. And he’ll be gone foreverrrrrrrrrr.

So thank goodness you’re single, amirite?

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