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  • A Few Facebook Friends Find a Fantastic Compromise for the Controversial Community Center Near Ground Zero

    That’s right, everybody. The Hippies are out to make everybody hold hands. This is our appeal to the builders of the Ground Zero “Mosque”/Community Center: would it be more productive to reimagine the center as a place to discover each other’s cultures? This idea just spung from a spirited conversation about the controversial proposed Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero. We’ve been trying to think of a solution that doesn’t only honor our Constitution but also takes into account the sensitive nature of this location without discriminating. Of course, it would be up to the ones building the center to want this to come about, but when both sides of an argument have decided this is a matter of principle, nobody is going to be happy until somebody mediates. And that is our goal with this suggestion: let’s erase the divide and begin coming together. Join. Let’s make it happen. Win win. Nothing could be more bridge-building, accepting, all-emcompassing, un-offensive and respectable.

    Deb 4 years ago 2 responses

  • Will Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupt?

    An unusually high number of small earthquakes have occurred in the park since Friday.

    Deb 6 years ago respond

  • Light Pollution

    National Geographic’s sensational Novermber cover story “The End of NIght” discusses how nighttime artificial light distorts biological rhythms, disorienting humans and animals and disrupting natural patterns that have evolved without the hazy glow surrounding cities and the bright outdoor lights in our neighborhoods.

    Deb 6 years ago 2 responses

  • Japans Morning Banana Diet

    Apparently grocery stores in Japan can’t keep their banana shelves stocked ever since the popularization of Japan’s Morning Banana Diet. The diet claims up to 43 pounds can be lost in ten weeks.

    Deb 6 years ago 2 responses