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  • Breaking Bad - The Fate Of Walter White

    The first of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad premieres on August 11th. It seems that Walter White is clearly on a path towards imminent death, or is he? I consulted tumblr TV editor notnadia who says his death is certainly not imminent. That said, I am linking you to a simple five question survey regarding this topic… Will Walter White die, and if he does, how? What we’re shooting for here is a ton of responses. As in tens of thousands. Post it to tumblr, twitter, facebook, email it to people, make sure your grandmother knows. And crucially, we’re looking for thousands of responses, across multiple platforms. Can tumblr more accurately predict what will happen to Mr. White than those fools on Facebook? I’ll pool all the answers once we know his fate and publish them here with an in depth analysis. You get the idea. If you’re reading this, and like Breaking Bad, then spend the next sixty seconds posting the link everywhere and anywhere. GO! www.surveymonkey.com/s/MYXZ3S3

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