11 Reasons Why You Should Know About Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an amazing man that was ahead of his time! Here are some of the coolest things about him.

1. He’s The Father Of The Modern Alternating Current

He developed the modern alternating current, an efficient way to transmit electricity over long distances. Your computer might even be powered by it right now!

2. That’s Right, He’s The “AC” in AC/DC

Without Tesla, these guys would just be DC.

3. He Invented The Tesla Coil

4. Which Makes For Excellent Car Theft Protection

5. Which Is Perfect Because He Has A Sweet Ride Named After Him

6. David Bowie Played Him In “The Prestige”

David Bowie!

7. The Oatmeal Guy Made A Comic About Him

The greatest geek… ever!

8. Ahead Of His Time, He Created A Drone… in 1898!

He demonstrated his radio-controlled boat to the US Navy more than a hundred years before the first Reaper drones went into service.

9. And He Claimed To Have Invented A Ray Gun

The press called it a “peace ray.”

10. That’s Right, He’s A Badass

Seriously, look at him sitting around like a boss.

11. He Went Wireless Before It Was Mainstream

Called the Wardenclyffe Tower, Tesla attempted to transmit telecommunications and electricity wirelessly in the early 1900s. Unfortunately he never got the chance to transmit electricity wirelessly because his funding got pulled.

How would have Tesla made a wireless electricity transmitter?

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