17 Reasons We Know The Owls Are Up To Something

The owls are planning something. We’re not sure what, but it’s not going to be good.

1. They Plot Silently

Everything’s going to be just fine, human.

2. They Infiltrate Our Chariots


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3. They Don’t Fear The Great Hunter

This is your super soldier, humans?

4. They Change Form

You could be talking to an owl now, and you wouldn’t know it.

5. They’re Invincible

Your weapons are feeble.

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6. They Are Basically Ghosts

The eyes…

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7. The Eyes Never Leave You

She’s dancing with him, but her eyes…

8. They Defeat Our Strongest Shields

Resistance is futile.

9. They Grow New Heads

Like the Hydra of legend, they sprout new heads.

10. They Swivel Their Heads Too Far For Comfort

There’s something unsettling about this.

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11. They Access The Nether Realm Through Their Portal

No man dares enter.

12. They Guard The Portal That No Mortal May Enter

You shall not pass.

tumblr.com / Via http://headlineanorange.tumblr.com

13. They Don’t Care About Whatever You Just Said

Run. You’ve angered him.

14. They Survive Sub-Zero Temperatures


cdn.gifstache.com / Via gifstache.com

15. They Outrun Our Fastest Foot Soldiers

And they can fly. No fair.

16. Their Battle Dance Confuses Our Troops

What’s he planning?

tumblr.com / Via http://headlineanorange.tumblr.com

17. They Challenge Our Fearless Leader

They make us lose faith in our ruler’s bravery.

tumblr.com / Via TBS / http://senorgif.tumblr.com

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