20 Reasons Why Going To The Gym Is A Huge Waste Of Time

Just say no.

1. Let’s be honest, it’s been so long you’ll probably end up looking like this:

ID: 1077133

2. Or this:

ID: 1077142

3. Or you’ll get tangled in a web of disappointment like this:

ID: 1069867

4. Gym equipment is also unreliable:

ID: 1069947

5. Like, really unreliable:

ID: 1076418

6. And working out outside is just as dangerous:

ID: 1069878

7. You’re not safe in your driveway:

ID: 1069879

8. And you’re certainly not safe on the beach:

ID: 1069980

9. Or in your dorm room:

ID: 1076393

10. Or your garage:

ID: 1077168

11. And you’re especially not safe if you live with a cat:

ID: 1070474

12. You think you’re an expert? You’ll probably still end up looking like this:

ID: 1076396

13. Or this:

ID: 1077187

14. “But what about swimming? That sounds much, much safer!” THINK AGAIN, NUMBSKULL:

ID: 1077239

15. And if you’re a 275-pound man who thinks skateboarding is a good way to exercise…think again:

ID: 1077058

16. And don’t even get me started on treadmills. Dangerous, dangerous treadmills:

ID: 1076828

17. Does this look like it’s worth it?

ID: 1076799

18. What about this?

ID: 1076816


ID: 1069884

20. Did you know that treadmills are actually programmed to embarrass you?

ID: 1077275

In conclusion, if you’re going to go to the gym, copy what this guy is doing:

He’s got the right idea.

ID: 1077324

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