23 Ways To Get Over Your Intense "Breaking Bad" Depression

Breaking Bad may have ended, but our collective obsession is far from finished.

1. Speculate about alternative endings:

ID: 1722153

Like this:

ID: 1722239

2. Also speculate about what else was written in Walt’s copy of Leaves of Grass:

ID: 1722642

3. Every fan needs to have their own theories about the series:

ID: 1722655

Even if your theories suck:

ID: 1722264

4. Like, what if Aaron Paul played Walter White?

ID: 1722729

And Bryan Cranston played Jesse Pinkman?

ID: 1722733

And what if Bryan Cranston played Hector and Aaron Paul played a giant chicken? WHAT IF?!

ID: 1722737

5. The good news is, you’ll finally have time to get that Todd fan blog off the ground:

ID: 1722246

6. I mean, who DOESN’T think Todd is the perfect man?

ID: 1722648

7. Take a second to appreciate that some of the regular characters pulled through in the end:

ID: 1722131

8. Start writing erotic fan fiction:

ID: 1722302

9. Use the show as motivation to accomplish your goals…

ID: 1722310

…or as an outlet for your creativity.

ID: 1722402

You can even perfect the recipe for your “franch” sauce:

ID: 1722532

10. Just know that we’ll always have Better Call Saul!

ID: 1722540

11. And we can always hope for a spin-off about Walt Jr. learning how to drive:

ID: 1722662

12. Or that Huell spin-off we’ve all been waiting for:

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ID: 1722277

13. Just pretend that Malcolm in the Middle is a spin-off in which Walt joins witness protection:

ID: 1722272

14. And maybe you can even try to find Chinese bootlegs of the series. I hear the overseas cut is totally different:

ID: 1722361

15. But for now, brush up on your Breaking Bad puns…

ID: 1722656

16. …and knock-knock jokes:

ID: 1722667

17. Maybe you can figure out how to get hired as the hair stylist on Vince Gilligan’s next show:

Easiest job ever.

ID: 1722697

18. But for now, let’s all just remember the good times, like when Walt first learned chemistry:

Ursula Coyote / AMC
ID: 1722701

19. And the time Gus and the boys got together:

Ursula Coyote / AMC
ID: 1722705

20. And Hank’s last time on the toilet:

ID: 1722713

21. Or every time Walt had to get his porkpie hat adjusted on set:

Ursula Coyote / AMC
ID: 1722719

22. The time when Hank was just good old Hank:

Ursula Coyote / AMC
ID: 1722722

23. Remember: You can always just watch the last scene over and over again.

Your reaction will probably look something like this.

ID: 1722307

Now cook yourself the most important meal of the day…

ID: 1723244

Think about where Huell is at this very moment…

ID: 1723263

Get your fix in…

ID: 1723277

…because you know what to do.

ID: 1722325

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