26 Ways President Obama Has Completely Ruined The Country


1. By creating corporate loopholes for companies that put chains in the way of EVERYTHING.

ID: 882446

2. By signing a bill into law that makes grills extra slippery.

ID: 882473

3. By SOMEHOW allowing cookies to get bigger than the glasses they are meant to be dunked in.

ID: 882143

4. By outsourcing hat factories, thus preventing the production of quality hats.

ID: 882447

5. By instituting a ban on electric pencil sharpeners, resulting in a deformed pencil epidemic.

ID: 882141

6. By putting banana peels on fashion runways.

ID: 882451

7. By continuing conflict not only in the Middle East, but also with the d-bag neighbors from across the street.

ID: 882472

8. By forcing all Slurpees to resemble the horrible, sad, disappointing bottom Slurpee section.

ID: 882144

9. By allowing good old-fashioned American trays to be replaced by these wonky Chinese ones.

ID: 882470

10. By refusing to acknowledge our country’s very serious soda-rolling problem.

ID: 882469

11. By turning a blind eye to the very real danger that is ice cream that’s frozen too hard.

ID: 882145

12. By making it much harder to kick a sign when you’re just feelin’ a little peeved.

ID: 882452

13. By conspiring with the liberals in Congress to make all sandwiches land face down in the worst situations.

ID: 882445

14. By cutting back funding on the nation’s superhero initiative, thus leaving the role of Spider-Man to this bumbling idiot.

ID: 882448

15. By forcing this dude to eat his facial hair.

ID: 882449

16. By imposing a new big government regulation to shrink the size of dominoes, resulting in tragedies like this.

ID: 882453

17. By changing the Earth’s gravitational field, thus making it much more difficult to execute a successful backflip.

ID: 882457

18. By giving you all the bad letters in Scrabble.

ID: 882148

19. By making the snow in the Arctic regions extra cold, just to screw around with some poor polar bears.

ID: 882459

20. By thinking it’s somehow OK to get a bunch of bees drunk before they have to go to work at the hive.

ID: 882461

21. By bribing this dog to throw the dog show because he’s a much bigger fan of hounds.

ID: 882460

22. By telepathically giving this child a horrible haircut, thus setting him up for ridicule.

ID: 882471

23. By gluing this poor drummer’s music sheets together “just for a giggle.”

ID: 882462

24. By refusing to acknowledge the pain and suffering our nation’s tape users go through each day.

ID: 882474

25. By forcing good, hardworking Americans into carrying all their cleaning supplies at once.

ID: 882508

26. And by hanging out with Tom Hanks and not inviting me.


ID: 882142

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