32 Ways You Know You Grew Up In A Dysfunctional Family

In the best possible way.

1. You generally ended up with “adventurous” haircuts:

2. Your parents were never afraid to make fun of you:

3. And they still aren’t:

4. Things tended to get creative:

5. Or things tended to get Fresh:

6. Your parents always found new ways to have fun with you:

7. Activities were often inspired by the family pet:

8. You made do with what you had:

9. Your parents weren’t afraid to try out alternative methods of discipline:

10. The more creative the punishment, the better:

Just like the dad who made his daughter wear a shirt with his face on it.

11. Your family photos had something a little wrong with them:

12. Or a lot of wrong:

13. Your schoolwork looked a lot different than the other kids’:

14. You talked to the tooth fairy like this:

15. You’ve received a lot of pictures like this:

16. Your mom’s birthday presents always had a nice card:

17. School lunches were… different… to say the least:

18. Your school pictures looked something like this:

21. You were constantly getting stuck in places:

22. Your backyard looked something like this:

23. Your Halloween costumes might have been weird to other people, but you know Baby Kim Jong-Il beat all the other kids on the block:

24. Cute playground photo ops turned out like this:

25. Conversations like this happened frequently:

26. Or conversations like this:

27. Or this:

28. Your dad was constantly messing with you:

29. Constantly.

30. Every time you tried to take a nice picture, something like this would happen:

32. But in the end, you were never, ever afraid to tell your parents how you felt:

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basically this:
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