• 1. If You Break A Mirror, Seven Years Of Bad Luck Will Follow

    Why? A mirror not only contains a persons image, but also their soul. How to save yourself: After seven hours have passed, bury the pieces of the mirror in the moonlight.

  • 2. Walking Under A Ladder Brings Bad Luck

    Why? When leaning against a wall, a ladder forms a triangle that represents the holy trinity. When you walk underneath it, you insult god. How to save yourself: Spit through the ladder rungs three times.

  • 3. Black Cats Bring Bad Luck

    Why? One theory is that cats close association with Egyptian religion put many Christians on edge. Aside from that, cats are thought to be sly, mischievous animals. How to save yourself: Have the cat walk towards you, that’s good luck.

  • 4. If You Sleep With Your Feet Towards A Door Someone Will Steal Your Soul

    Why? Before being buried, dead folks are often put in this exact position. How to save yourself: Move your bed. Or never sleep. EVER.

  • 5. It’s Bad Luck To Open An Umbrella Inside

    Why? When an umbrella is opened inside, it prevents the sun god from offering rays to us. Weird, I know. Also, it can break your lamp. How to save yourself: Fix the leak in your roof.

  • 6. Spilling Salt

    Why? In the past, salt was an expensive luxury and spilling it violated the good fortune and luck brought on by the salt. How to save yourself: Throw a pinch over your left shoulder and hit the devil square in the eye.

  • 7. Friday The 13th Brings Bad Luck

    Why? In the bible, Judas was the 13th guest to the Last Supper. Additionally, in Roman lore witches were believed to gather in groups of 12. The 13th member of their group? The devil. How to save yourself: Stay lucky and buy rabbit feet. Lots of rabbit feet.

  • 8. It’s Bad Luck To Put A Hat On In Bed

    Why? Hair was thought to hold evil spirits (see: static electricity) and putting on a hat in bed would cause the evil to spill out all over your clean sheets. How to save yourself: Wear a doo-rag instead.

  • 9. Bird Flies Into Your Window, Death Knocks At Your Door

    Why? Birds throughout history are often seen as messengers of bad omens. How to save yourself: I think you should probably worry about the bird. Poor thing.

  • 10. Step On A Crack, Break Your Mothers Back

    Why? Interestingly enough, the original rhyme was “Step on a crack and your mother will turn black.” Over time the rhyme changed into what it is today. How to save yourself: Never walk. ANYWHERE. And don’t be so racist.