19 Things That Accurately Sum Up How You Feel Right Now

Today was a good day.

How do you feel after the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and Prop 8?

ID: 1307328

1. Like this little kid about to have the best birthday party ever?

ID: 1307289

2. Like Ron Paul entering another dimension?

ID: 1307212

3. Like Jonah Hill doing karaoke into his hands?

ID: 1307210

4. Like a fabulous bird?

ID: 1307215

5. Like someone told you that you’re not the father?

ID: 1307320

6. Like a seal that just heard someone say a dirty word?

ID: 1307244

7. Like a dog with arms?

ID: 1307274

8. Like Stephen Colbert’s heart?

ID: 1307217

9. Like Gus on the couch?

ID: 1307223

10. Like you’re in the club with NPH and Elmo?

ID: 1307207

11. Like Batman and Robin doing the cancan?

ID: 1307273

12. Like an inspirational sloth?

ID: 1307288

13. Like a polar bear traveling through space and time?

ID: 1307302

14. Like this pink-shirted legend?

ID: 1307417

15. Like a kid with a never-ending supply of sunglasses?

ID: 1307247

16. Like a bass player who just layed down a funky-ass groove?

ID: 1307527

17. Like Sylvester Stallone going for a swim in high socks?

ID: 1307319

18. Like giving a 10?

ID: 1307455

19. Or do you feel like Cookie Monster after seeing a cookie the size of a small child?

ID: 1307298


ID: 1307565

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