The 23 Most Awkward Moments In Hugging History


1. The Great Escape:

ID: 1661088

2. The I Have No Idea Who This Guy Is Hug:

ID: 1661045

3. The Stranded Arm Hug:

ID: 1661541

4. The I Just Realized How Sweaty This Guy’s Back Is Hug:

ID: 1661046

5. The Kanye-Mayer Arm Embrace:

ID: 1660908

6. The Crash ‘N’ Burn:

ID: 1661056

7. The always devastating Way Too Tall To Hug:

ID: 1661062

8. The More Than You Bargained For Hug:

ID: 1661530

9. The Arm Embrace Pt. 2:

ID: 1661052

10. The Even The President Is Not Exempt From Awkward Hugs:

ID: 1661260

11. The Attack From Above:

ID: 1661275

12. The Forgot How To Make Human Contact Hug:

ID: 1661537

13. The Well, I Guess We Should Probably Kiss Now Hug:

ID: 1661469

14. The Surprise Cop Out Of NOWHERE Hug:

ID: 1661050

15. The I Literally Would Rather Be Anywhere Else In The World Than Locked In A Hug Right Now:

ID: 1660911

16. The Shaky Embrace:

ID: 1661795

17. The Rejection:

ID: 1661823

18. The Voldemort Classic Hug:

ID: 1660915

19. The Stretch Tap:

ID: 1661860

20. The Okay, This Has Gone On For Way Too Long Hug:

ID: 1662098

21. The Jay Z Ignoring Kim Kardashian Negative Hug:

ID: 1662069

22. The Crash ‘N’ Burn, Pt. 2:

ID: 1662020

And The Miley:

ID: 1662099

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