10 Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Of All Time

Reddit’s photoshop battles pits user against user to see who can screw up a picture in the best way. And it is beautiful.

1. “Stock photo sites have pictures that no one but us would ever want:”

ID: 1007133

Building New York City:

By pablito_andorra.

ID: 1007136


By hogst77.

ID: 1007141

A Goofy Movie:

By Mapes.

ID: 1007144

By lurkingallday.

ID: 1007150

2. “Cat on a windy day:”

ID: 1007164

Megacat, destroyer of worlds:

By QuantumlyCertain.

ID: 1007175


By RageHippo.

ID: 1007180


By gromace.

ID: 1007182


By jotam44.

ID: 1007186

3. “Hamster struggling with a spaghetti noodle:”

ID: 1007193

It’s raining!

By ThebbqCheese.

ID: 1007197


By KingMacey.

ID: 1007204

On Ice:

By Himinow.

ID: 1007209

Hamster Throw:

By Himinow.

ID: 1007215

Crossing the River Styx:

By dr_mix_a_lot_phd.

ID: 1007221

4. “The Unhelpful Mover:”

ID: 1007234


By FazeKross.

ID: 1007239

The Wizard:

By PorkchopExprs.

ID: 1007241

Iwo Jima:

By Kerbe.

ID: 1007244

5. “A group of people shaking their heads rapidly:”

ID: 1007260

Muhammad Ali:

By DistrictSleepsAlone.

ID: 1007264

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle:

By poopoopaul.

ID: 1007271

Am I doing this right?

By xerxes_fifield.

ID: 1007275

6. “A cat on its hind legs looking surprised and raising its paws to the sky:”

ID: 1007293


By DaminDrexil.

ID: 1007298

Dragonball Z:

By theskabus.

ID: 1007300

Star Wars:

By TazerSquid.

ID: 1007301

7. People reacting to an empty ride seat on Space Mountain:

ID: 1007309

…And that’s why you don’t stand up on a rollercoaster:

By ComplainsAboutDvotes.

ID: 1007314

The Rainbow Connection:

By Dont_do_anything.

ID: 1007322

The crystal ball’s horrible prophesy:

By Kela3000.

ID: 1007327

8. “A guy riding down a staircase on cardboard with a beer:”

ID: 1007336

Santa forget his suit:

By itslenny:

ID: 1007338

A whole new world:

By NullG.

ID: 1007339

Cave of Wonders:

By Mapes.

ID: 1007343

9. A woman before she realizes she is falling:

ID: 1007348

On vacation:

By flyingpig3131.

ID: 1007351

A whale saves the day:

By zerofooled.

ID: 1007353


By oldbodypit.

ID: 1007357

10. And photos of celebrities riding bikes with the bikes photoshopped out of them:

ID: 1007380

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